Company T.T.T. d.o.o. operating since 2001. year. The main product range the company makes 150 most frequently used laboratory chemicals. In the short term supply and rarely used chemicals from the area.

Laboratory chemicals are distributed in packages of 1-25 pounds, or 1-25 liters.

Our products are used for chemical analysis in two main sales areas: medical and industrial. In the medical segment of our customers are all major drugstores: Medika, Medical Intertrade, Medicina-promet, Hospitalija, Phoenix Farmacija…; and to industrial companies: Ledo, Dukat, Solana Pag, Solana Tuzla and many others.

We wish to emphasize that we are selling some products (glycerine, iodine, compounds) occupied most of the Croatian market.

The company currently has 7 employees and its own manufacturing and warehouse space of 1000m2.

CEO of company is Marcel Malenica,  and specialist in the chemistry is ŽarkoVrdoljak.